Sustainable events

Every year are celebrated many national and international meetings, workshops and conferences that cause the displacement of thousands of persons, the consumption of natural resources (water, energy, etc.), and the generation of residues and greenhouse effect emissions on the environment. In the last years there has been an increase of awareness to diminish the environmental impact of the products that we consume and our activities with the aim to advance towards a more respectful society with the environment.

Though the principal aim of green events is to minimize the environmental impact, also it represents a great opportunity to promote the culture of the sustainability, in the involved companies as well in the participants.

Our solutions

In Cyclus Vitae Solutions, we help you to minimize the environmental impacts of your events, taking always into account the perspective of life cycle and also incorporating the social dimension to it.

  • Design of strategic plans for all kinds of environmental events.
  • Draft of guides and tools with recommendations on how to organize environmental events.
  • Tecnical review of tools and materials.
  • Formation for the planifications and organizations of environmental events.
  • Support on:
    • Planning of the sustainability of the event (cátering, headquarters, transport, housing, communication, exhibitions and material)
    • Inscriptions management
    • Support in logistic matters (places, management of the residues, requirements to providers and subcontractors, transport and emissions compensation, etc.)
    • Documentation management
    • Elaboration of conclusions
    • Communication of the sustainability of the event


  • To rationalize the consumption of resources and energy associated with the events, which supposes not only reducing the environmental impacts, but also an economic saving.
  • To demonstrate the social and environmental commitment of your company towards the clients and the own workers.
  • To improve the image, both of the organizers and the participants, thanks to the communication of your environmental commitment.
  • To be an example to third parties, thanks to the diffusion of good environmental practices.
  • Attracts a public increasingly showing more awareness in invironmental matters.
  • Access with more ease to credit lines, sponsors and fiscal discounts.
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Los servicios de Eventos Sostenibles de Cyclus Vitae cuentan con el apoyo del Fondo Social Europeo y del Subprograma INNCORPORA (línea INNCORPORA-TU) del Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

Experts in Sustainability

Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer

CEO Cyclus Vitae Solutions, S.L.

“Cyclus offers specialized environmental consultancy carried out by a group of consultants coming from the best research groups, with wide international experience, which will allow to your organization to know its environmental impact, optimize its products and processes, and communicate those achievements in order to improve your market positioning. We will go with you through all the process towards sustainability.”

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