2011-2011 Cátedra MANGO de RSC (University, sustainability): Good practice recommendation guide on energy efficiency for clothing and accessorize stores.

Cyclus has carried out an excellent work, compiling information on the energy efficiency actions developed by Mango in their shops around the world, and turning them into practical recommendations to reduce and optimize the energy consumption of these type of stores.

Silvia Ayuso, Coordinator of the Corporate Social Responsibility Mango Chair (ESCI-UPF)

The challenge of our client

The Corporate Social Responsibility Mango Chair is financed by Mango, a highly recognized fashion enterprise that sells clothes and accessories worldwide.

From a commercial point of view, comfort and good illumination in stores are key factors to attract clients. However, the growing commitment with the environment and with sustainability makes it necessary to apply measures to reduce energy consumption due to acclimatization, ventilation and illumination.

This project is one of the solutions encountered as a result of a previous project about “calculating the carbon footprint of Mango’s supply chain” in 2010.


"Guía de recomendaciones prácticas de eficiencia energética para tiendas de ropa y complementos"


Additional information

  • Information on the project in the client's website


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