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Life Cycle Assessment

The life cycle approach helps to have a more global and exact idea of the reality of the environmental impacts and of the advantages that implies applying sustainable development criteria.

In order to apply it, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used. It is an objective process that allows us to evaluate the environmental impacts associated with a product, process or activity, identifying and quantifying both the use of resources and energy and the emissions to the environment, to determine the impact of this use of resources and the emission and to evaluate and take to practice strategies of environmental improvement.

The study includes the complete cycle of the product, process or activity, taking into account the stages of extraction and raw material processing, production, transport and distribution, use, reutilization and maintenance, recycling and final disposition. It allows the evaluation of different environmental impacts, offering a multicriterion cision at the moment of describing the environmental profile.

Our solutions

Cyclus Vitae offers to its clients solutions in LCA adapted to specific requirements of each sector and client.

  • Life Cycle Assessment study (LCA): Analysis and comparative of the environmental impacts associated to life cycle products, processes and services according to the regulation UNE- ISO 14040.
  • Analysis of Life Cycle Cost (LCC): Calculation of all the costs associated to a product that are directly covered by one or more actors.
  • Analysis of Social Life Cycle (LCA-S): Analysis of social and socio economic aspects of the products and its pottential impacts (positive and negative) during its life cycle.

Benefits for the costumer

  • Identify the stages of life cycle with more environmental impact para in order to act in the focus of the problem.
  • Detect potential environmental improvements of products and processes: emission reduction, energetic efficiency, optimization of resources use…
  • Reinforce arguments of environmental improvement and determine most efficient measures in order to reduce the impacts.
  • Have quantified and rigorous information of environmental impact of produced products. In many cases, it allows to confirm in a scientific way preconceived ideas on the impact of certain products or in certain sectors.
  • To contribute with convincing and understandable arguments for the communication with clients, authorities and groups interest.
  • ACV is synonymous of constant improvement and a lever for the eco-innovation.

GaBi Software

The LCA methodology is complex and supposes working with great number of information. For this reason in Cyclus Vitae Solutions, S.L. we use the GaBi software, an IT tool developed by PE International that facilitates the managing of environmental information and allows to generate simplified models adapted to every product, activity or process.

Facing your climate change challenges
Experts in Sustainability

Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer

CEO Cyclus Vitae Solutions, S.L.

“Cyclus offers specialized environmental consultancy carried out by a group of consultants coming from the best research groups, with wide international experience, which will allow to your organization to know its environmental impact, optimize its products and processes, and communicate those achievements in order to improve your market positioning. We will go with you through all the process towards sustainability.”

An example of our work

Life Cycle Assessment study of varied plastic grain products

Client: Gestora Catalana de Residuos

Sector: Plastic production / Recycling

Area: Life Cycle Assessment / Environmental labels

Our Projects

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