Services and solutions

The company's environmental challenges require intelligent answers, innovative and adapted. In Cyclus Vitae Solutions, we offer solutions based in the best tools to reduce the environmental impacts, optimizing the use of resources, through the life cycle of your products, services and processes. We propose to our clients to incorporate in their companies the concept of ecological intelligence, which will allow:

  • Integrate the environmental improvement in your differentiation strategy.
  • Identify the environmental impacts associated to your products, processes and services.
  • Reduce these environmental impacts, optimizing at the same time resources and processes.
  • Promote the eco innovation and access to new market segments.

Thanks to our wide experience in Life Cycle Assessment, calculation of Carbon footprint, environmental labelling, environmental communication and formation, Cyclus gives you the support that your company or organization need to get stronger and value your business' sustainability, to make the most of this situation in order to optimize processes, improve your products and communicate your commitement with the environment and climate. Because in Cyclus Vitae Solutions we know that the sustainability is an opportunity from which we all take advantage: the planet, the society and the organizations.

Ad hoc solutions

In our web page we describe some of the environmental services we offer. Do not hesitate to ask us, if any service is not described or if your organizations needs an ad hoc solution: our wide experience and alliance with powerful investigation groups allow new developments and innovation.

Experts in Sustainability

Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer

CEO Cyclus Vitae Solutions, S.L.

“Cyclus offers specialized environmental consultancy carried out by a group of consultants coming from the best research groups, with wide international experience, which will allow to your organization to know its environmental impact, optimize its products and processes, and communicate those achievements in order to improve your market positioning. We will go with you through all the process towards sustainability.”

Our Projects

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