2012-2012 GRUPO SADA (Agri-Food, meat): Carbon Footprint of 5 poultry products, developed by UNESCO Chair (Cyclus).

Our Client's challenge

The primary aim of this study is to calculate the carbon footprint of 5 different types of product’s poultry produced by the company SADA P.A. CATALUNYA S.A. (a company within GRUPO SADA) The study is based on LCA methodology (“business to business”), thus takes into account the entire meat chicken production cycle, from grandparent stock, hatcheries, broiler farms and processing plants, to the distribution and marketing of the final product. GrupoSada, Nutreco’s poultry division in Spain, which focuses its activities on the complete management of the entire meat chicken production cycle, will be able to understand where its most significant environmental impacts occur, as well as to begin discerning where it could make the biggest difference to reduce these impacts.

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