2008-2008 Industrias Massats (Chemical, dyes): Self-Declaration Environmental Claims (ISO 14021) of the "Alpine Wax," by Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer.

The challenge of our client

The Masats Flamagas Group, manufactures the known stationery products brand Alpine. Their presence in the market, especially the children's market is very large and company wanted to offer a message of environmental respect. His first choice was to try to get a type I ecolabel (ISO 14024) for their products. After evaluating different options for eco-labelling was chosen a Self-Declaration  Environmental Claims (ISO 14021) performed rigorously.

Services and solutions

  • Analysis of strategies for environmental product communication.
  • Oriented Study to life cycle of chosen product family: Alpine DACS waxes.
  • Design of text for the Self-Declaration and review of graphics proposals for marketing.


The project was started in June 2008. After evaluating different options the following decision was made: " A type II ecolabel that is rigorous but also attractive, in which the reviewer was involved from goal and scope definition process . The ecolabel must be linked to the reviewer's name in order to add prestige as a strategic factor. Besides must have a low cost and must to be finished in 2008, to continue this experience in 2009 with the other product of the company. "

The project was performed in an iterative process and involved the technical and marketing departments. In the 2010-2011 scholar year was introduced new packaging with the new label. Note that this is not a certification but a review because ISO 14021 is not certifiable.

Environmental communication appears in different places and at different information levels. By one hand, appears in a visible part of the package. By other hand, in the back of the package the information is developed and customer can visit the website which this information is more extensive. Finally, customers may request quantitative information from company.


What benefits did Industrias Massat get?

Industrias Masats has been able to use a rigorous eco-label on one of its most iconic product lines with less effort. During the project, the technical, sales and marketing departments came into contact with environmental variables in a systematic way, increasing the environmental culture within the organization. The different levels of information enable the presentation of environmental issues by kind of customer.

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