Critical Review of Life Cycle Assessment

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a complex methodology that is getting known as more environmental studies are carried out using it. A way to learn faster, besides specific LCA courses and/or GaBi courses, is to use the critical review of an expert. This can help to see mistakes or alternative methodological options.

There are two types of critical review depending on the moment they are made. The first type, the most efficient, consists in that the external expert gives his opinion in each stage of the LCA, without going to the next point before a consensus: definition of objective and scope, inventory, evaluation of impacts and interpretation. It requires a greater initial budget to carry out the revision but assures a better quality of the study.

The second type of critical review is carried out when the LCA study has come to an end. The reviewer’s comments are used to correct the study until there is a consensus between the reviewer and the team who realized the LCA. This type of review is only recommended if the team which makes the LCA has enough experience; if not the entire LCA may be needed to be done again, what means more time and the use of more human resources.

When the LCA is a comparative between two alternatives that compete in the market and the results are to be published, the rule ISO 14044 forces to organize a review panel with a president of the panel and a minimum of three experts in LCA. This kind of review usually takes longer and requires a greater budget, and it is necessary to program both aspects in the definition of objectives and scope of the study.

Our solutions

We have well qualified experts in LCA which can carry out critical reviews in numerous sectors.

We recommend to, even if the application of the study does not require it, contract Cyclus to carry out a critical review of that study. We know by own experience that the learning process that a critical review offers is much greater than in any other formation course.

Any other LCA expert of our country has the international experience of our CEO, Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer. Therefore, is the most secure options to review studies that have to be published or that suppose an environmental investment afterward.

If a panel review is needed, we have national and international experience in the direction of review panels, even in some LCA studies commissioned by the European Commission. This assures a profeccional review, fast and direct to the important points, without wasting time in secondary aspects.


Our CEO, Dr. Pere Fullana i Palmer, is one of the most recognized critical reviewers in Europe. His wide experience in LCA, as he took part in more than 250 LCA studies and in more than 25 critical reviews, and his great international prestige, as he has been President of SETAC Europe LCA Steering Committee and received the prize for the best scientific contribution in world congress of LCA LCM 2009, assure a quality critical review and a result respected by the LCA community.

Your learning process in LCA will be accelerated thanks to working together with our experts. This learning will be more effective if you chose a review with accompaniment through all the study than if you do a review only at the end of the study.

There is the possibility to complement your learning in LCA with an improvement in the utilization of LCA software GaBi, with the formation courses that we offer in the Escola Superior de Comerç Internacional and in-company and as well in the GaBi laboratories that we realize over your own project during the critical review.

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